Household projections

Map key - projected percentage increase in households, all ages, 2011 to 2021
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This interactive application, developed by Steve Peters at DCLG, presents the data from the 2011-based interim household projections, published on 9th April 2013. It aims to make the official DCLG household projections more accessible and increase their usage and impact.

Effective visualisation is part of a wider Government agenda to present and communicate statistics effectively, helping users understand the story behind the data.

The application provides user-friendly, interactive maps and charts for users to compare and contrast key data for local authority district areas, and see how different types of households are changing over time. The underlying data can also be downloaded in a range of different formats.

This application is being released on an experimental basis and DCLG would welcome user feedback on its content and functionality. Users are encouraged to provide feedback by email to DCLG's OpenDataCommunities general enquiry e-mail address. For statistical queries regarding the 2011-based interim household projections, please contact Yolanda Ruiz via email at

You may re-use the information provided through this application free of charge in any format or medium, under the terms of the Open Government Licence. To view this licence, please visit or write to the Information Policy Team, The National Archives, Kew, London TW9 4DU, or email:

To access the National Statistics release, methodology report, quality report, other live tables or detailed data for modelling purposes from the 2011-based interim projections, please go to:

To find out more about this application, please visit the User and Technical guide.

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